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First day back to rehearsing!

First day back to rehearsing!


New Music 

New music will be posted here soon, thanks for the messages and checking in on us. Sorry for our delayed response.

First day back to rehearsal 

We've recently been battling through our own personal and health issues. Thankfully everyone is back and ready to play again. There are a few new songs almost ready. We are happy to welcome Dino Cappocia to help us along and get some video on here among other great things to come. Thanks for checking in! See you soon!

Back At It 

Keith and Shannon took a couple of months off and are now back at writing and booking.  Should have some dates to announce and new tunes coming soon.  Thanks for checking in!!

New Music On the Way 

New song "When You're Gone" will be added as soon as it is all finished up at Sonic Lounge Studios with Joe Viers.  There will be video for it as well and other new content added.

Heather Pick Music Program 

Happy to be playing at The Ohio Sate University James Cancer Hospital as part of the Heather Pick Music Program.  We'll be playing at 12:30 and the performance will be streamed throughout the hospital.  We have no other shows booked and are working on a new set list to incorporate new songs.  Check back for dates and times, we'll post as we schedule them.